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Extra legit marketer youve verifi that your email authentication methods (like SPF and DKIM) are properly set up. Its really that easy. Its long been a myth that spam filters primarily look at content when deciding who makes it to the inbox. Todays filters are much smarter than that and look at the holistic reputation of a sender when determining how to deliver their email. If youre wondering why your email marketing is getting caught in a spam filter Justine recommends this post which lists 13 possible reasons Why are my emails going to spam Social mia spam Although the term spam was originally us for email it is

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Social mia is a popular platform for spammers and a battleground for marketers good and bad. Some social networks have more spam than others. Facebook and Instagram are the spammiest social networks. Meta properties have the biggest spam problems. They have improv since last year but theyre still way ahead. Our respondents were far less likely to report seeing spam on LinkIn. On LinkIn users are less likely to be anonymous and therefore more likely to be concern with their own reputation. That may explain the

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AgorapulseOpens a new window A successful social mia presence requires consistent levels of activity including posting commenting and responding to comments. As a result there has been a proliferation of tools design to meet that business email list ne. However many such tools promise automation and scaling of activity but do so with little regard for authenticity or appropriateness. These tools make it easy for spammers to leave thoughtless comments or worse sales pitches en masse. Legitimate marketers must be wary of using tools

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