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That do not offer the capability for personaliz relevant activity and the networks themselves must do better when it comes to policing and banning abusive tools and accounts. Spam comments are a problem. Spammers are notorious for leaving self-promotional comments on social mia. 31% of our respondents see spam comments every day. Spam direct messages are another problem. Spammers use DMs to send unwant marketing messages. Most social users get spam messages and about 20% of our respondents get spam DMs every day. What should a legitimate marketer do Social spam either as comments or DMs is

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Unnecessary. out that the opportunity to be visible is high especially on LinkIn where most users never post. AJ Wilcox B2Link The beautiful part about LinkIn is that when you are posting interesting/valuable content its really easy business lead to go viral. The reason for this is that <5% of LinkIn members post but 100% of us ne a fe full of content when we log in. So LinkIn specifically looks for posts with comments to place in the fes of those who arent even following you. When you put value out into the world youre reward for it with others outside your

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know you. No ne to send spammy InMails or connection requests that already have you feeling like a us-car salesman. Just share whats interesting and helpful and the attention comes to you! Text message spam To stay China Phone Numbers focus I do everything possible to minimize distractions. That means turning off almost all the notifications on my phone. But there is one notification I leave on my text messages. For years it was strictly for friends and family and the messages were all personal or important. But no more. Spam has come to text

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