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Calls This year we repeat the survey so we could answer one more question Is spam getting worse Weve also add alternatives from marketing experts. Finally well close with insights from cognitive neuroscience expert Carmen Simon on what unwant marketing really means. Email spam First lets define it. Email spam is unsolicit commercial email. Its regulat by the CAN-SPAM Act which is a fun backronym for Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicit Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003. Its not a long piece of legislation. You can

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Here in under five minutes. We all get junk email. But how much 56.5% of all email is spam Thats according to DataProts analysis. But not all of that email spam b2b email list gets through. Some are caught in filters sparing the recipients inbox. But according to the survey respondents more than a third of our email messages are spam. So plenty of junk emails are making it past the filters. And for a lot of us the majority of our email is garbage. This hasnt improv over the last year. bar chart showing that 35% of email users most of their

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 Spam That translates into an average daily volume of 120+ billion spam messages globally per day costing businesses $20+ billion annually (source). Will spam email ever stop Not likely. Mark Schaefer Author of Marketing Rebellion China Phone Numbers Perhaps spam is the last frontier of unethical marketing. Most other practices that abuse interrupt and intercept consumers have been regulat out of existence. Despite the fact that spam is against the law this regulation is widely ignor because its almost impossible to monitor. Spam is one of my

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