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Messages. Text messaging also known as SMS (short messaging service) is a standard messaging protocol built into all of our phones. Its actually the most popular feature of our phones us by 80% of phone subscribers in the US. So weve all got it. And for most of us the spammers have our numbers. So heres the size of the text messaging spam problem today. We assume this will grow over time. And because its an open standard protocol there isnt a tech company standing in between us and the spammers to help filter. We are defenseless. So how can you stop text spam Your only option is to block unknown senders from

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Message settings which basically opts you out of all texts from everyone except those in our address book turning your contacts into a white list. Its an extreme response and it could cause big problems. What if someone not in your address book sends an important business database text Hey Im your neighbor from across the street. Your garage is on fire. Text spam is insidious for at least two reasons SMS technology makes the sender anonymous (anyone can send a text from any number) and is within a context that is generally trust (most

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Personal relations or businesses we work with). This dangerous combo makes text spam ripe for fraud identity theft and financial crime. Many of you will have seen this on your phones. 29% of respondentsChina Phone Numbers receiv texts that ask for personal information or includ a phishing link. Here is an example of text spam that is literally criminal. It is an attempt to impersonate a bank and get me the recipient to share personal

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