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Top 5 business irritants! If survey respondents report less email spam than the email industry reports maybe our spam filters are working. Lets take a look 61% of people use spam filters A lot of our respondents (48%) use the filter built-in to their inbox provider. Others use free spam filters. 4.1% of our respondents use a paid tool. This is up from 2.7% in 2022. More people are paying for a spam filter. But of course a lot of junk mail still gets through. Most consumers simply delete or ignore spam but the majority of recipients are taking

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Uptick in people who mark as spam or block and report. More people are blocking and reporting email spammers. Reporting email spam is how we can all join the battle against spam. Reporting both b2b leads improves your own filter and makes life harder for spammers. A bad report affects the reputation of the servers spammers use to send email. What should a legitimate marketer do I ask email marketing pro Justine Jordan how legit marketers can get around spam filters. Her answer gives hope to all non-spammers.

Justine Jordan

Postmark If youre a legit marketer there wont be any ne to get around spam filters. The filters are design to keep out bad actors who try very hard to pretend like they are China Phone Numbersegit marketers. So what makes you  legit in the eyes of spam filters You only send email to contacts who have given you permission to contact them the content in your messages is relevant and valuable to the reader you make unsubscribing easy and obvious and you use a reputable sending service that takes accountability for the health of their shar IPs. And if you

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