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teams and accelerates the delivery of value to the client in shorter time frames. You could say that scrum is structured to help teams adapt to changing conditions naturally , as well as to user requirements. Reprioritization is built into the process and short release cycles so the team constantly learns and improves. It is a simple concept, but at the same time difficult to fully understand and master, so we are going to answer all your questions in this article. d

work and are already expanding to other areas

essons can be applio all types of work and are already expanding to other areas. industries. Through this, workers can address complex adaptive problems while delivering products with the highest possible value creatively and productively. In other words, this framework, which enables agile project management, encourages teams to self-organize while addressing problems; to learn b2b email lis  through experiences. And to reflect on their achievements and mistakes to continually improve. In addition, it provides workers with a set of tools, meetings and functions that facilitate the structuring, coordination and management of work . The scrum framework

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process would be as follows, the parts of which we will learn throughout the entire article: scrum CHARACTERISTICS The Scrum framework is within the Agile Methodologies. That is. A way of working mentality that allows changing priorities of each phase of the project according to the objectives and nes of the client because it is orient to obtain tangible results from the beginning. Therefore, some of  China Phone Numbers  the characteristics that make sense of this framework are: Commitment: For this framework to work, it must have the commitment of all the workers involv. Courage : Solving difficult problems with courage. Focus: Focus efforts on realistic and

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