lachievable objectives  Structured to thanks to the organization of work consciously and without doubts. m without treating them badly or creating conflictive work environments. Transparency: The team must know everything that happens or how it happens, in addition to being honest and not hiding anything about the work or the problems that arise along the way. Transparency ensures that there is a global and common vision of the project. Inspection: Team members frequently review project progress to detect potential problems. It does not have to be done daily, but from time to

value to the client, it is necessary that each

time to check that the work is being carri out. ROLES IN THE TEAM For the work team to be able to meet its objective.  That is  to offer quality results and deliver value to the client, it is necessary that each member be able to organize in a multifunctional and self-taught way. Each worker is responsible for certain tasks and must complete them within the agre times so that the value of the entire team is deliver and the exhaustive supervision of other members of the company b2b leads   is not requir. The three main roles in a Scrum team are: Product Owner: Ensures that the team is working properly from a business perspective. He is the only person who talks continuously with the client, so he has to know the business and the market perfectly. This

b2b leads

profile can only be occupi by one person. In addition.  He  China Phone Numbers eliminates the inconveniences or impiments so that the sprint objective can be developed. He gives the necessary information and advises the Product Owner and the developer team. Developer team: Made up of professionals, preferably 3 to 9 people, who are

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