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However, I want to say that everyone has the opportunity to learn these skills if they have the interest and passion for it. study, train and develop yourself, the better you become. Also read this: Work at home | Build a monthly income stream of 27,422 euros from your blog Make a decision to study either at school or independently online (with the help of Youtube or online courses), make a plan for yourself and implement it. The year 2022 is still left, so you can very well be able to carry out this kind of work from the beginning of next year. Customers from where? I wanted to bring this up before  . Because I want this post to be truly and truly useful, I want to give you a few tips on how to find clients. become a super professional in that limited topic.

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Make yourself a list of 20–35 companies as potential customers. Find at least 5 new special data potential customers in the list every day. Contact customers personally, help them a little for free, and then offer a paid service. I always recommend that you do 2-3 “practice jobs” at an affordable price and ask customers for a written or video testimonial + company logo. Collect testimonials and logos on one page, name it a reference and place the link in the top navigation of your site. client job, ask for a testimonial or reference and add it to your site. The more social proof you have, the easier it is to get customers in the future.

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 Read also: TOP 5 ways to turn blog readers into committed customers Another tip is to take part in discussions and give your own insight and know-how for free. For example, you can share tips in FB groups on how the entrepreneur himself can facilitate and speed up his own work (in the topic where you China Phone Numbers offer a paid service). Little by little, people start to remember you and when you offer your service in a group, it’s easier for them to get in touch and become customers. And then to the point.

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