Healthy. It’s when I complete a task that I feel so happy. Challenging but fun.” Bintang chose the mobile development learning path so that he could one day develop apps. At first he thought Rise was only suitable for people with experience in the IT field. That skepticism was put to rest when I saw that Rise has a very structured curriculum and offers entry-level material. Bintang’s serious attitude towards learning allowed him to graduate with the skills to create Android apps and earn the title of Certified Associate Android Developer. All three stars rate it as something very useful in a portfolio. Not only in terms of technical skills, Bintang also gained a lot of useful material from the soft skills coure. Some of the lessons Bintang learned from the soft skills course include .

Adaptability, professional communication

leadership and MVP planning. This soft skills training enables Bintang to communicate effectively and well, and helps Bintang develop work schedules and workload arrangements for the team. Bintang’s favorite part of Bangkit is the capstone project. When working whatsapp database on this final project, Bintang found it very challenging to be able to create a product in just one month. In fact, he felt that a month-long capstone research process had a greater impact than a semester-long lecture course. This is because the capstone project encourages every Rising participant to directly innovate and apply knowledge. His supportive apex friends also make the work atmosphere fun for Bintang. Bintang worked with them to create an app called Doling or Dodol Keliling. Taken from the Javanese term.

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Bodolan” which means “to sell”, Doling is an app whose system allows users to easily order food from travel suppliers. Bintang and his team are excited to create a system that makes the job of street vendors easier. Qualified product portfolio and Google AAD certificate make Bintang a leader After graduating from Bangkit, Bintang brought back many “souvenirs”. As a China Phone Numbers result, he is not only considered a student with a strong portfolio in the gaming field, but also a Bangkit graduate with noteworthy mobile development skills due to the Google AAD certificate he earned. Bintang sharpened his skills in mobile development when he applied for an internship at Indonesian game development company Agate International.

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