Therefore this review shows the completed jobs and

at this meeting: What I did yesterday? What am I going to do today? Is there an impediment that I ne help to solve? SPRINT REVIEW When the sprint ends, the team reviews it to determine the value to be delivered to the customer. Therefore. His review shows the completed jobs and its duration should not be longer than 4 hours for a 1-month sprint and is the only one the client can attend. This meeting is the only one the client can attend. The Product Owner makes a presentation of what has been develop so far and the team of developers shows how it works. In this way, the client can validate the changes made and give feback on new tasks that the Product Owner will have to add to the Product Backlog. SPRINT RETROSPECTIVE

After the sprint review, a retrospective is held

After the sprint review, a retrospective is held as the last scrum event for team members to communicate their impressions of the sprint just complet with the goal of improving scrum implementation. The meeting has a fix time of 3 hours business database   for one-month sprints. This event helps the developer team inspect themselves and propose improvements for the next sprint. When the retrospective ends, a new sprint begins, so the agreimprovements are applthe next day. ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES Once we know how Scrum works .  Let’s talk about its advantages and disadvantages: ADVANTAGES OF THE SCRUM METHODOLOGY

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Rction in Time to Market: The customer can start using the product  lity software is  China Phone Numbers  obtain thanks to the work methodology and the ned to carry out functional work after each iteration. Time priction: The team’s average sped per sprint is known thanks to this framework. So it can be easily estimatwhen certain functionalities that

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