short release cycles so the team constantly learns and improves.

ruce problems  short release when launching the best software. scrum method The duration of the sprints should be constant and definby the team bas on their experience. The normal duration of the sprint is 2 to 3 weeks and is adjust to the pace of the team. always being as efficient as possible and without relaxing. The Maximum time for a sprint is 4 weeks because if it is extend the project can be jeopardiz because there is a risk of losing valuable feback with the client. When the end of the sprint arrives. The team must present the progress of the project and the result, which must be a product that can be deliver to the client. It is

Ecommended That Objectives Not Be Set in the Sprints Unless

recommend that objectives not be set in the sprints unless the success of the project is in danger. The first meeting held in the sprint can last up to 8 hours for one-month sprints. The team, on the one hand, decides what is going to be done in the sprint and the tasks of  business lead  the Product Backlog are chosen; and on the other hand, it is decidhow it is going to be done. For which the necessary tasks are defin to be able to complete each item chosen from the Product Backlog. DAILY SCRUM Fix meeting within the sprint that lasts a

business lead

maximum of 15 minutes to see how the status of the project is going. . The profiles that must attend this meeting are the developers and the Scrum Master.  While the Product Owner China Phone Numbers   can attend optionally. If any mandatory attendance employee is missing, the meeting is postpon. If you want to expand on any topic. It should be done after the scrum of that day.  Without interrupting the dynamic. Additionally, three questions are ask.

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