The identikit of the modern entrepreneur

The identikit of the modern entrepreneur what characteristics should an entrepreneur have? How is it different from the others? The word to marco piccoli, partner of mp quadro. I dicate my first post – and I inaugurate this new column on the blog – to a theme that I consider very fascinating. Being an entrepreneur today. The perceptions about the figure of the entrepreneur . Vary in person, but I believe that there are some aspects common to all entrepreneurs. I am starting from here to introduce a topic that I would like to deepen in the future. 

The appearance is deceiving

The appearance is deceiving each of us has a precise idea of the typical entrepreneur.  Each of us thinks of the entrepreneur in a different way. There are those who imagine him to berlusconi, tann with a jacket and tie, who climbs on his private jet showing the new database canine that shines; there are those who imagine him to zuckerberg, with monochromatic t-shirt, monochromatic sweatshirt … A monochromatic man in short. Probably the older generations are anchor to the classic figure in a suit.  While the youngest love the idea of a super entrepreneur at billions who shows up.  In the office with the air-max and the ac/dc t-shirt (in the way, one day I will write a post on the entrepreneur’s clothing).

new database

We draw the sums

Different styles, different backgrounds. But there is something that unites these figures. What? A form of mentis, a prisposition to action. Light your own brand. Let’s talk about it! Imageimage the watchword is … … Acire. This, in my opinion, is the China Phone Numbers entrepreneur’s verb. By definition, business-againting, they believe.  That in the market there is room for an idea, a product or a service. This belief leads him to act. Acting with the knowlge that to be a good entrepreneur you don’t necessarily have to be a phenomenon. 99.9% of entrepreneurs are not steve jobs or elon musk.  Yet they have manag to carry out a business without having to be the best.

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