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The key as with regular social mia marketing is knowing where your ideal candidates spend their time. And being there. That said. The most popular social mia platforms people use to find jobs are linkin glassdoor and facebook though many other platforms also have sizable market share. Leading social mia us by prospect employees to research companies in the us march facebook us to be a top spot to find and post jobs. But meta remov the jobs section in february . Before then. You could post a free job listing to your facebook page and facebook’s global job database. However. Since facebook is the world’s most popular social platform. There are still ways to use it successfully for social recruiting.

Optimize Your Social Profiles

Especially as part of a paid ads campaign. Twitter tends to suit professional. Mia. Or creative jobs more than others. But again. It all depends on if your target candidates use twitter. Part of twitter’s recruiting appeal is how easy it is to find content with keywords or hashtags like. More on how to use job and industry.specific hashtags later. Being a visual.first platform.

Instagram is the perfect place to show not tell business database how your company lives its values. It’s a powerful tool for developing an audience eager to apply for your next opening. Some companies incorporate this content into their main account while others create separate recruiting.focus accounts. While tiktok isn’t on the list above. It should be on your radar if you’re looking to fill roles in social mia.

Target Passive Job Seekers

Marketing. And other creative fields. The platform launch tik tok resumes in .more on that later but you can also search for hashtags like caretook. Or ones specific to your industry or location. Like Toronto jobs. If your company is active on tiktok. Create and share videos for each job listing. Sum up the role and who you’re looking for.

Add a few relevant hashtags. And share China Phone Numbers Explore other platforms if they fit your brand and audience. Produce a lot of visual content. Especially about working at your company? Start a YouTube channel. Already have an engaged reddit community? Share job listings and reach out to your top contributors as potential candidates. After all. They’re already your biggest fans.

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