Plan Your Social Listening Approach

They will distract from your crisis communications plan. They’re also likely inappropriate in tone. Communications begin at home. As your organization moves forward through a challenge. You’ll ne your employees on board. Are you announcing relief efforts. Donations. Or useful resources? Employees can help spread the word through an employee advocacy program. This is also a good time to remind them of your organization’s social mia guidelines for employees. Make sure you’ve includ any crisis.specific amendments. Your brand may be in a tense position because of the crisis .layoffs. Backlash. Etc too. Be ready for employees to express their feelings on social. Make sure employees understand the commitment made through your social mia policy.

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That should include not disclosing private company info on social mia. Make sure you have a plan in place to support your social marketing team. Your content moderators may have a particularly difficult time. Handling incoming content can be tough on the psyche at the best of times. During a crisis. Your public.facing social and customer service employees ne extra support.

Sometimes it’s impossible to get everyone pulling towards the same goal. In this case business email list Social listening can help you understand your employees’ concerns better. On that note. As a crisis unfolds. It’s critical to stay inform about what’s happening on the ground. You also ne to know what your employees. Customers.

Align Your Crisis Plan with Your Social Media Policy

And followers are saying about your brand as you navigate the crisis. Do you already have a social listening program in place? Great! You can pivot to crisis.orient social listening with a few tweaks of your track keywords. If you don’t have a social listening tool or strategy in place yet. It’s worth setting one up now.

The information you gather is helpful even when things are China Phone NumbersF all smooth sailing. Make sure your social mia crisis communication plan specifies how to report and share information gather through social listening. This includes noting how quickly you ne to respond. Make sure to verify incoming information before sharing it publicly. Do you already have a social mia policy and social mia guidelines in place? If not.

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