How to promote a company page on LinkedIn

You can publish images, videos, surveys, infographics, video Nuggets, etc. Share in groups : Nobody is going to knock on your door to see what content you have. Spread your publications thanks to the groups that LinkedIn gives you. Take advantage of external tools .Once the previous steps have been carried out, we will have to make ourselves known, right? To do this, I bring you 3 ways. How to that you have when promoting your LinkedIn Business profile. Put a link to the company profile in your professional profile .See an actual final result in the image below. 

How to company page

Sponsored advertising on LinkedIn. This last email contact list tip is paid, but it will help you have a greater impact on your potential client, since in this way you can segment who the ad is directed to through data such as: age, location, employment . In the publication of your company page, click on the 3 horizontal dots that you see in the upper right part of the post.Final result of publishing a post from a linkedin business company page to a group.png.


If you have not already done that step. If you already China Phone Numbers have a professional LinkedIn profile, you can now start creating the company. Complete the profile because. Complete information it is essential to have the professional account in advance .You will have created your LinkedIn company profile. Let’s now see make it beautiful to give it a professional finish!If you want to see  use Pulse, check out this LinkedIn Pulse Guide . How to create a LinkedIn business page To know.

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