LinkedIn Business: Tips for companies

If you are a business manager, I recommend that you put a link to the page you just created and encourage your employees to do the same. It is a way to get more opportunities for them to visit your page. 2- LinkedIn Groups : Investigate which. LinkedIn groups are closest to your professional interests and interact in them as you will gain visibility for free. CLARIFICATION: At the moment you cannot post directly. LinkedIn Business to groups with your LinkedIn company profile. There is a method for people to see your posts on your company. Profile in groups, I’ll tell you how.

Then click

On the <<copy link to publication>> button top people data step one to share a linkedin business post in a linkedin group. Now go to the LinkedIn group where you want to publish the post and paste the previously copied link. You can add a description as you can see below in the image. step two to share a post from your company page on linkedin to a group.png. Finally publish the post and people will be able to see the post and access your company page from the LinkedIn group. 

LinkedIn Business tips

Tips for companies Plan a strategy : If you are going China Phone Numbers to be there, it is better that you do nothing, what you have to ask yourself is what the purpose of being on this social network is, what you intend to achieve and what steps you are going to take to achieve it. Make a content plan : If you do not previously plan a content plan, you may become blocked. LinkedIn Business and not know what to publish and, above all, you will not have any marked roadmap. Diversify the way you publish : Don’t fall into the monotony of always publishing the same content format.

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