Getting People to Give Reviews on Blog

If you spend hours creating an article, then you should spend a few minutes promoting that article for maximum exposure.

4. Send to your subscriber email
Your email subscribers are the most loyal people because they give you permission to send newsletters to their inbox.

The comments section can also be indexed by Google, so if there are lots of conversations going on in the comments section, then the search results for your blog will be better.

6. Monitor with google alerts
Google alerts are an effective tool to track your blog post if it goes viral.

Google alerts will let you provide email signals for keywords in your articles, so you can track any mentions received from across the web.

You can start by going to the Google Alert homepage and entering

Click on Show Options to set the signal Database frequency and customize any parameters you need.

Then, wait for the cue to come.

7. Take part in forums or Facebook groups
Facebook groups and forums are good places to check which readers are relevant to your articles.

You may need to apply to join a group, but once you have passed you may begin to chat with other experts.

What’s important, your topic must be relevant to the thread of the forum/facebook group.

Take part by providing good input on a topic, voting in polls, and interacting with other experts.

The key here is not to spam.

Do promotions on a budget and always follow the rules set by the group/forum admin.

8. Leave comments on other people’s blogs
Bloggers recognize this method as blog walking.

If you’re new to this arena and still struggling to build your own audience


This is a great method for building rapport China Phone Numbers and trust.

You may think this thing is out of date, but actually it is still effective.

Why? Because you give good value to others. It is not related solely to link building.

Only you need to make sure you leave comments that really give value to relevant blogs.

9. Schedule for social media sharing
Most people only share once or twice to social media after the article was published.

Actually it is very important to share to social media continuously. You don’t have to.

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