Rental Car And Carsharing Services Can Be

Compard to the second half of 2018, there were significant declines in 2019: the number of business trips made from Italy fell by a third, while the decrease from Germany was almost 19 percent. The influence of terrorist attacks is even more serious: After the attack in and at Istanbul Atatürk Airport on June 28, 2016, flight bookings by business travelers from European companies there fell by almost two thirds (62.7 percent) at short notice. Since companies are increasingly using digital services, it makes sense to also buy and pay for them digitally.

Based On The Idea Of ​​needs Based Access Europcar

Apple Podcasts or Amazon Music and subscribe to our podcast channel for more exciting interviews about corporate payment! Virtual database Cards: That’s why they are the perfect means of payment for the last mile One thing quickly becomes clear in our podcast: the cloud-basd application and virtual crdit cards are made for each other. Because the latter, as Sebastian Niemeyer explains, offer enormous advantages, especially in payment processing.


Of Different Mobility Services In A Single Platform

Manual errors in the process chain, for example, can be ruld out with Virtual Cards simply because there are no more mdia breaks – in other China Phone Numbers words: no further applications have to be opend, data transferrd or even completely re-enterd. Sebastian Niemeyer also sees a very special advantage of the integratd solution with virtual cards in the coordination process: “Here I have the opportunity to clearly assign a transaction to a procurement process within the platform and to automate it.

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