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Reading Cioran in the middle of people running with a rictus of martyrdom to catch their bus or forming a queue to get on one by pushing or insulting each other for a place that has been cunningly usurp or grumbling about the minutes of downtime waiting for that bus that seems like it will never arrive . Not only How many mornings are left?” (p. 223). Karl Jaspers said that man is the only animal that knows he is going to die. Looking through that window. Auster also presents us with that frightening triviality.A study carri out by a UPN professor corroborates that research activities favorably enhance the practice of teachers. Impact of research on teaching practice Today. Not only competent professionals are requir to face the ucational problems of a dynamic and complex reality. who are involv in scientific research .

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It requires good ucation professionals who are thinkers . ucational research is a set of systematic actions with its own objectives. which. support by a theoretical framework or a reference framework. an appropriate work scheme and with a definitive horizon. describes. interprets or acts on ucational reality. organizing new knowlge. . theories. methods. means. systems. models. behavioral patterns and ucational procures or modifying existing ones. Research as a human activity business database is the most transcendental function of society. since it is necessary to know the facts. causes. relationships and consequences. According to Freire (1988): “teachers who carry out the permanent task of structuring reality. of asking and wondering about the everyday and evident. an unavoidable task for every social worker.”

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In this sense. a study with a quantitative approach. appli type. descriptive level. non-experimental and cross-sectional design was carri out . A non-probabilistic sample of 150 master’s students from the last cycle of a university in Lima-2019 was select. who are also teachers who work in state or private schools in Lima. Peru. The technique us was the survey China Phone Numbers and the instrument was the questionnaire. Not only which will be us to obtain answers about the study problem. Not only.The instrument is the scale for assessing the impact of ucational research on teaching practice (EI/IE-PD). creat by Díaz Costa Elisabeth in 2009 in Spain. and adapt in Peru by Dr. Shirley Simbrón Espejo in the.

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