What is Social Selling

Bigcommerce bigcommerce site bigcommerce site for large and fast-growing businesses. Bigcommerce is the most compatible solution. It is a hoste ecommerce platform that functions both as a full saas solution and a shopping cart for other website types. As a result. It draws many comparisons with shopify. This platform has strong store management capabilities. With many tools and features including promotions. Options to handle returns. Coupons. Discounts. And more. Bigcommerce also has flexible shipping options that give customers live quotes and rate calculators

It boasts several big-name clients

It boasts several big-name clients. From the shoe company specialists clarks to ice cream maker ben & jerry’s. You can understand why big names trust bigcommerce because it has email marketing. And search filters. And allows customers to create accounts and leave reviews. Everything you nee for your ecommerce website to be a success is built-in. Boosting your odds of turning your online store into a large-scale business. And. All this can be achieve with plans starting at $29.95. However. You may have some kinks to work around. For one. It doesn’t have a mobile app nor does it have the most straightforward user interface to navigate. You can start selling as soon as you create your store and track how well your products are doing with the platform’s analytics report. These reports include a store overview.

Real-time reports

Real-time reports. Customer reports. Abandone cart reports and merchandising reports. You can get over 65 payment processing options with no transaction fees attache. You also get full control over the url format. And there are many templates. If you specialize in business or technology. This is a great way to build your business from the ground up. Become a world class digital marketer 4. Weebly weebly site weebly site when it comes to value for money. Few ecommerce platforms are better than weebly. It has four price plans.

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