Completely adapted cell phone. Integration with Google Fonts. Creating a single page website. Global color. Different types of layouts: Boxes, Full Corner, Blank Pages: Optimized for: Compatible with All-in-One. Compatible. Recommended for: any business profile website and online store. Price: USD. Support: Months. Bridge is another of the best paid templates.

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It is a very modern and attractive multi-purpose template, is  new database  also ( and compatible with ) and has multiple importable demos to create your website quickly and easily. Using it, you can create websites like magazines, restaurants, portfolios, catalogues, music, travel, online colleges etc. It has about a widget to design. The bad part is that they work with short code, and if you decide to change the theme, it leaves you with a useless design full of short code that doesn’t work.

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It gives you up to a number of different design structures to create the layout in your mind in an intuitive, instant way. You also have as many options to create titles, from standard titles to side menu( canvases outside), etc. Template Features: Sales:. Rating:  China Phone Numbers  Individual score, average score ( full score ). Features: compatible with Gutenberg, and. Advanced search engine. Optimized for. Get ready for the retinal screen. Jumbo and full-screen menus. Recommended for: any website and online store. Price: USD.

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