How to sell more Instead of making a “10 tips to sell more online” style post, I would like to obtain recommendations from all those who read this blog or chat with me on Twitter. Together we can learn much more if we share some tricks or basic tips to be successful on the Internet as a sales channel. You can provide your advice through comments on this blog or with messages on Twitter. 

Selling online means a lack of cost control How to sell more

How to sell more Selling online means a lack of cost control. I admit that finances top industry data are not my strongest point. What I do understand is that there are more costs if there are more sales, which in the end is a desired state for every business owner. It’s even better: online sales allow me to collect directly and according to my negotiation with my suppliers there is a significant difference in days until I pay them. Companies like Privalia have financed their growth in this way.

You have to be very good at operations and logistics and recommendations

You have to be very good at operations and logistics, since it forces China Phone Numbers you to control the stock you have at all times. That is to say, it is better not to sell more because that forces me to organize myself better as I grow. Okay, understood, that is some great advice. I want to help Mr. Costa a little to better inform himself about the subject.

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