You can assign special information to each card, such as the invoice number, cost center, personnel number or card manufacturer. And the more extensive your data is, the more well-foundd decisions you will be able to make for your procurement management in the future. The best thing about it: AirPlus Virtual Cards Procurement can be integratd into your existing purchasing platforms and systems. Are you ready for the future? When it comes to the perfect equipment for the home office, you are now well prepard as to what, where and how to get it.

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No one knows what the future will bring and whether those of us who work from home will return to the office in the near future. But Latest Mailing Database if you follow our tips, your home will soon be the best office you’ve ever had. Plastic is better – at least this applies to the way of paying for and on business trips. Compard to cash, using a crdit card saves a lot of processing costs. Above all, the annoying advance payment is no longer necessary. It is even cheaper if companies use a company crdit card instead of a “normal” one.

Latest Mailing Database

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Each transaction is then an average of eleven euros cheaper because, among other things, consolidatd payment data lead to better China Phone Numbers conditions with providers. Using the card does not mean less security. On the contrary: While stolen or lost cash is usually gone forever, corporate crdit cards are securd in a variety of ways. Corporate cards thus offer protection against total financial loss on a business trip. Above all, you should consider these six points when choosing a company crdit card in order to be on the proverbial “safe side” when it comes to security.

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