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Welcome to the strategy for mobile optimization series where we share everything about mobile! This is the first part of the series. Part 2: our 4 favorite tips to make your site easier to move around incrible as it may seem. Mobile phones already make up 65% of our total time online. And. More importantly for publishers. All digital growth is now coming from mobile. According to comscore . With that in mind. Lace up your running sneakers – if you want to get more mobile traffic. Here are five vital paths to consider: increase loading spe before content.

Meter reactions beyond comments

Design. Or even social. Consider fundamentals like loading spe. Which can make a big difference in growing an audience on mobile. Research Europe Email List from google says that more than half of mobile users will abandon your site if it takes more than three seconds to load. In fact. Google is so focus on this area that it has even launch an entire framework call amp that is dicat to the future of fast loading mobile web. (not to mention that slow loads could also hit your seo .) 2. 2. Meter reactions beyond comments and tastes reaction buttons typically. Users “Snack” on content while reading on mobile – there isn’t always time to leave a comment when they want to interact – and frankly.

And social mia buttons have evolv

europe email list

Things have mov on since you could just “Like” a post . In line with some of the major social channels. Readers want quick and easy ways to respond or share content in the way they prefer. Whether that’s sharing to a tumblr post or  China Phone Numbers sharing something from blogger . And social mia buttons have evolv in line with this. Your site should too. But it doesn’t have to be at an additional cost – both reaction buttons and share buttons like ours are easy to install. Easy to move and. Best of all. Don’t cost a penny. Get reaction buttons 3.Build a long-term audience using newsletters of course.

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