Mr Costa from ESADE, we are still waiting for an explanation of “Selling on the Internet is losing money”

 Mr Costa from  I have nothing against scientific work. Quite the opposite: I think that in Spain there should be more collaboration between universities and companies. In fact, I have also done a doctorate. Science is based on real cases and studies with data. Science does not use tabloid titles to sell books.

Publication of incorrect and incomplete statements Mr Costa from

 Mr Costa from You can provide your advice through comments on this blog or with category email list messages on Twitter. If you attach a link to your blog or online store, I can add it to the post where I publish all your recommendations. When you summarize the best tips and tricks it will appear in this style in the article: To convert users into customers, you have to work a lot on the landing page and optimize it thoroughly. Let’s see if together we can contribute at least 20 tips to sell more on the Internet. 

Slows down the evolution of electronic commerce the Internet is losing money

Slows down the evolution of electronic commerce : If a marketing China Phone Numbers professor tells an SME not to get involved in the Internet, there is a high probability that it will have some negative. Therefore, influence on the evolution of electronic commerce. E-commerce generally has a positive impact on job creation because many companies participate in the value chain.

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