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What puts pressure on you. what has always put pressure on you: the outside. that is. the atmosphere; or rather. more specifically. your body in the middle of the air that surrounds you: the soles of your feet anchor in the ground. but the rest of you expos to the air. and that is where the story begins. in your body. where everything will end too. (p. 15). From Koestler to Auster: good books. chance and the Internet The perspective from which this story is told is peculiar. In the second person. Auster describes and comments on the events of his life. referring to himself as if they were someone he directly observ. As if he appear in a room of mirrors that reflect the images preserv in his memory. he scrutinizes with plastic minuteness the details that give them thickness.

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It is a story told. perhaps whisper. to itself; a kind of intimate dialogue. Yes. a dialogue: not a monologue. It does not simply say . but rather. it is saidin addition. Descriptions. mitations. reflections. notes. comments. everything flows with a character who is the writer himself as the destination. The impression one gets is this: the narrator holds nothing back. everything is expos. with tenderness and also crudely. with impudence. without regard. in an exercise of astonishing sincerity. Auster b2b leads transfers to paper the inventory of those moments that have made up his life and shows them with a paradoxical objectivity – that is precisely where the mention of that “phenomenology of breathing” that is announc at the beginning of the book comes from – since what Aflora is nothing more than the subjective testimony of memory.

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Although offer with an honesty that is suppos to be inescapable. precisely because the recipient of what is narrat is the narrator himself: The truth does not consist here in a simple photographic memory. but in the stark testimony about what was experienc – and here the expression is very precise – “in the flesh.” This perspective of second-person narration turns the subject into an object. yes. but without this condition preventing said object from vividly refracting that which in no way China Phone Numbers can cease to be subjective: the siment of what has been experienc. Curious facts. of course. also find a place here. In the count of the twenty-one houses in which the American writer liv. the story of the purchase of the one locat on Millis Road. in Stanfordville. New York. stands out. where he and his first wife spent only a brief stay

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