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If you want to see how to use Pulse, check out this LinkedIn Pulse Guide . How to create a LinkedIn business page To know how to create a LinkedIn page for a company, the first thing you have to do is register on LinkedIn if you have not already done that step. If you already have a professional LinkedIn profile, you can now start creating the company. Complete the profile because it is essential to have the professional account in advance . In the URL section, make sure it is short and easy to remember. Once created, you will not be able to modify it, unless you change your name.

Administrator panel

Don’t miss this video where I explain job function email list  how to create a LinkedIn Business account. Click to accept marketing cookies and allow this content Next you will see how to use LinkedIn for companies step by step! Click the create company button on LinkedIn When starting the LinkedIn tutorial, on your main page access. The 9 squares called found in the upper right part of the image that you see below these letters. Choose the number of employees of the company STEP. Complete and configure Business LinkedIn information Fill in the data that LinkedIn Business offers you for your business.

Complete the Linkedin 

How to create a company page China Phone Numbers on Once clicked, scroll or slide the menu that is displayed at the bottom and press the button Click the button to create a company page on this social network. Create a LinkedIn Business page based on the number of employees In a very visual and simple way, mark the number of employees your company has or, if it is an educational institution, mark the box on the far right.

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