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Full-time. Day 1: Building digital worlds with immersive . Technologies Day 2: Digital society based on sustainable .Development Day 3: Improve overall developer speed Day. The future of digital talent in Indonesia Where: Online . Team Live Event) As vice president of the community, Bintang also innovated by creating a department focused on the mental health of its members. Before the pandemic, Bintang maximized the use of the Raion Community Secretariat as a venue for members to consult or consult. If the problem faced by a member is serious enough, Bintang will work closely with the college or university’s student affairs department to handle it.

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For more information about the daily speakers and agenda, click the link below and don’t forget to register now! Login page Full agenda: bit.l Devverse-full-agenda Any platform | your language . Your tools DevVerse BerdayakanIndonesia Announcement of 2022 Graduate Academy Digital Talent Scholarship Winners – Backend Developer whatsapp data Backend developers are software developers who manage servers, applications, andI hope this information is useful to you. Yusuf believes that learning to program is very important. He feels that many daily activities are now supported by programming and technological advancements. In fact, the learning process of understanding programming was absorbed by him and applied directly to daily life, regardless of programming itself. greeting, Indonesia Decoded.

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communicate with each other correctly and smoothly. Backend developers play a very important role because only the backend makes the front-end application run properly. In this learning path, you will learn the basics of authoring RESTful APIs; working with China Phone Numbers database technologies, storage, message brokers, authentication, and authorization; and learning expert concepts for developing RESTful APIs, such as clean architecture, serverless, containers, and CI/CD. Dicoding’s Backend Developer courses are developed in conjunction with AWS and industry players in the backend development space. Each step in this learning path is carefully.

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