Yoriento turns 10 and I need your advice

Yoriento turns And I thought it was time to decide what I should do from now on. I need your advice, can you help me? Since December 2006, I have shared advice with people who want to improve their careers, with the professionals who help them (counsellors, coaches, trainers, teachers…) and with managers and workers who have decided to boost their organizations. And there are already more than 800 articles ( here you have them all ), hundreds of thousands of messages shared on Twitter  Facebook and Linkedin and, as I think you already know, a published book, Super Profesional .

A decade ago things

Were very different. The iPhone had not been born, we rented movies at the video store and almost no one had a blog. But I was going to start mine at 38 years old, after a long. Time working as a professional counselor and as a speaker for companies and organizations. Well yes, in 2006 a strange idea occurred to me: what if I started sharing on the executive email list internet what I do and how I do it? At that time I was not at all aware that without a blog you are digitally homeless, I spend all day on social networks  But, be careful, it was not easy to take the step of opening the blog and, above all, maintaining it. Generating content requires discipline and elaboration and online visibility also generates a lot of criticism.

Yoriento turns most of

My acquaintances did not understand that I published “free” content and told me that it was a waste of time. Even some colleagues criticized me (behind my back, by the way) for “believing”. That someone was going to read and evaluate my proposals. How things have changed, right? I don’t know if I have China Phone Numbers made many “mistakes”, it is difficult to know. But I can tell you that if I went back I would do many things differently in. The management of my blog and my presence on the networks. One of those things is having more contact and knowing the opinion. Of people who, like you, read my content, comment on it, share it and are even subscribed to the blog and have motivated me to continue.

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