Learn About These 12 Tools and How They Will Help

We cannot neglect the optimization of the images that we will use in our WordPress blog. Learn About In addition to improving the user experience, this practice increases the efficiency of SEO strategies. In this article, we’ve put together 12 extremely simple ways to optimize images for the web. The production of material for blogs is one of the practices most used by companies that invest in Content Marketing . It is a great channel to diversify the type of publications, integrating texts with videos, gifs, images, among other possibilities.

Learn About Tools to Optimize Images for the Web

Imagify is widely recognized for its interface. Considered aesthetically email leads attractive and extremely intuitive to use . On the home page, we have access to everything the tool has to offer us, which makes the experience simple and efficient . The main function of the plugin is to compress images while maintaining their quality. To do this, you must use the compression level indicated as normal. There are two other levels: aggressive and ultra . Because they are more powerful, these levels minimally alter the. Quality of the visual content , but on the other hand, they drastically reduce its size.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Smush , one of the most popular plugins on the China Phone Numbers market that is also proud to have won the best image compressor and optimizer competition twice in a row. The app offers the option to optimize old and new photos. Therefore, it guarantees that even images published some time ago will benefit. Smush allows the user to optimize an unlimited number of images free of charge, as long as they do not exceed 1 MB each. In case you need more capacity, there is a plan for U$D 49 per month to obtain the PRO version.

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