By the user’s level of awareness. A form of classification that serves to determine. Their intentions when performing the search. To understand this second form of classification—which we repeat, we consider the best for digital marketing —we first need to delve into the user’s states of consciousness. Below we will explain the four main states of consciousness from a marketing perspective : 1. Not conscious in this state, the user does not know that they have a problem or need. It is a state of absolute isolation in which exposure to the business category does not exist or is minimal. For example, an individual who does not have.

For example when you hear a strange noise from

Babies or is surrounded by people with small children business lead does not know that a problem called diaper rash exists; therefore, she will never look for how to solve it or what products exist to treat this condition. If your business sells creams to cure diaper rash, as a marketer you would categorize that person as an example of a consumer who lives in a state of non-consciousness. Aware of the problem the second state of consciousness is the one that people experience when they detected the problem or need, but they do not know what causes it or how it is resolved. For example when you hear a strange noise from the rear tire of your bicycle, you immediately think that something is wrong.

To continue with the example of the bicycle

There you are living the second state: you are aware China Phone Numbers that you have a problem, however, you have no idea what is happening. When you reach this state, you immediately feel the need to search for information. 3. Aware of the solution searching for information about the problem usually leads you to the next state: awareness of the solution. To continue with the example of the bicycle that we covered in the previous state, you noticed the strange noise in your rear tire and you went to google to search for. Why does the rear tire of my bicycle sound strange” and you found an article that explained that this noise is caused by a lack of oil in the rear gear. At that moment, you jumped from state two to three.

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