The 25 Best Facebook Apps for Business Pages

The 25 Best Facebook Apps for Business Pages. Today we can find a wide variety of applications for Facebook with which we can improve and enhance our Fan page. Depending on our objective, we will select one or the other to improve the user experience and take advantage of engagement with the brand. Branding your brand: Facebook is mainly a social network with which to improve the presence of the brand on the Internet, and thanks to some applications we will be able to enhance our brand image.

To create giveaways, promotions and coupons

To create giveaways, promotions and coupons. Making discount coupons and offers for our business from the fan page is possible with this application. Its simple configuration is a real advantage. A highly recommended application. Thanks to this application you can organize giveaways on your Facebook page. Choose from 15 templates to create your campaigns. You will also be able to measure the results to optimize the campaigns. A very complete and comfortable platform to carry out all types of giveaways on Facebook. Its use is very simple and intuitive, which makes work much job function email list easier when planning giveaways. The bad thing is that it is a paid application, although we can benefit from the first free campaign. 

To customize personalize Facebook pages

To customize personalize Facebook pages. Allows you to customize your fan page by dragging and dropping elements. You can add photos, videos, galleries, etc. You can use most of the features for free, for the more advanced options you will have to pay about $9 per month. A simple application with which you will not need to know code to be able to modify China Phone Numbers the structure of your Facebook page. It is very similar to the previous application since it is also based on widgets and is fully customizable.

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