A perse link is not better for Unveiling the driving traffic . I can link to my website from an adult page with thousands or millions of visits and no matter how much traffic it brings me, if my website is for dogs, it will not benefit me. The interesting thing in this strategy is, as always, common sense. As we saw in the “Lead or sales acquisition” strategy, if we manage to ensure that the link we generate brings qualified traffic to our website, this link will be of greater value for our project . Because? Very easy. Because that link will clearly be a useful link for the user, because they will click on it.

How can we Unveiling the find links that bring traffic to my project

Furthermore, it will be natural, since category email list the user has understood it as valuable and has clicked on it. And if we also complement all this with a good browsing experience after the click, we will have the Coca-Cola formula. TIP: How can we find links that bring traffic to my project? Once we have found a domain from which we are interested in obtaining a link, we can review the main topics or keywords for which this domain ranks and receives traffic. If you already rank by these keys, it is very possible that you will rank by semantic variations of them with ease.

Would review the keywords for which it positions

Imagine that I am going to get a link from China Phone Numbers I would review the keywords for which it positions: blogger keys As we see, it ranks well for “forobeta”, “google speed”, “ahrefs gratis”, “sistrix”… Understanding this, we could deduce that if we look for free homonymous versions of paid tools, this website could rank well. For example, an article from: “Free Sistrix and the best free alternatives”. Here we could ask Sistrix friends for a coupon and also give free alternatives to sections of the tool. This for Sistrix could be a good way to get a quality contextualized link and potential customers.

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