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Target advertising inventory. Initiatives like this have start to take hold in europe. Another method is to find a trust partner with large amounts of user data which. Combin with the publisher’s own data. Can create a much richer and deeper target segment. The publisher can then build “look-alike” models and find new audiences beyond the data and impressions they have at home. They may also compete with facebook and google. Which get an overwhelming share of new digital advertising dollars thanks to their data and targeting capabilities.

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But they can’t promise the level of user Asia email list engagement of a premium publisher. Trust is key for a subscription publisher. First-hand data is the crown jewels. Data must be protect. To this end they can offer the impressions through a private marketplace within an exchange. There they can limit access to select trust customers. Guaranteeing them a minimum level of impression. They must also ensure that partners protect and manage their valuable data in a way that does not corrupt it or make it available to those who are not part of the approv group.

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They ne to be sure that all participants protect user privacy. Or at least comply with strict industry standards. Such as those of the network advertising initiative and the digital advertising alliance. The right partners will anonymize shar data   China Phone Numbers  and ensure that breaches do not occur. They will help build segments relevant to their bases. While helping others in the partnership do the same. So everyone succes. Our industry has done a lot to efficiently target ads to the right person at the right time. It’s time for publishers with first-hand data to increase user engagement and reap greater rewards with partners and advertisers in a positive-sum game that enhances the entire ecosystem.

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