You are now aware of the solution and can start looking for the best product or service to resolve the issue. 4. Aware of the product or service to go to the last state, you will return to google, but you will no longer search for noises on the bicycle, but for “the best bicycle oils” – in case you want to solve the problem with your own hands – or “bike workshops near from my house” —if you prefer to hire a service that will solve it for you—. Here you are already aware of the product or service you need; therefore, you are already in the fourth state of consciousness. The 4 types of keywords for digital marketing once we have assimilated the four states of consciousness, we will be able to categorize.

He is not thinking about buying anything

The keywords with a more marketing perspective. Because the business database classification will be closely linked. To the behavior of users in each state – which is ultimately the priority objective of a marketing effort -. The four types of keywords that exist when categorized by states of consciousness are: 1. Informative an informative keyword , as its name indicates, is the one that people use when they want to find out about something. Here are the key words of the second state of consciousness. For example, when a user enters google and types “why does the rear tire of my bicycle sound strange. He is not thinking about buying anything, the only thing he wants is information about the problem and its possible causes.

The state in which they want to see

These types of keywords are very opportune to provide value China Phone Numbers to clients or prospects and for people to discover your business in the initial phases of the consumer journey. 2. Navigational a navigational keyword is one used by people who need to know options or opinions about something. Generally, these types of keywords are used by those who live the third state of consciousness. The state in which they want to see alternatives to start a decision-making process. For the bicycle example, the keyword “the best bicycle oils” is a navigational keyword ; because the user is not yet thinking about buying something, what they want is to navigate through the options to document. Themselves and make a more informed decision for their problem or need.

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