How to Manage Cross-App Engagement in Business Suite Since the platform’s first launch, Business Suite has had an integrated inbox. But its updated filtering and management tools make engagement easier to address. How to Customize and Manage and Notifications 06 When you need to effectively manage engagement, start with the Business Suite Notifications tab. , such as comments and messages, under high-priority headings. It usually lists likes and other reactions under the heading “Other notifications.” Even with these priorities, it can be easy to miss important notifications if your page generates a lot of engagement. To quickly find the most important notifications, click the filter button at the top of the tab.

Select the desired action to highlight

Notifications that require follow-up, such as messages or comments that require a reply. Alternatively, you can select Comments or Suggestions to find specific types of engagement. If you have enabled the platform’s message alert feature, you can use Latest Mailing Database the filter options here to find messages that you need to reply to. Business Suite also gives you the option to focus on , , or business account notifications. When viewing notifications, you can click the blue dot to the right of an individual item to check it off your to-do list. You can also click the envelope icon to mark all outstanding notifications as read.

Manage comments and messages

Latest Mailing Database

Your inbox Business Suite automatically displays all comments and messages for your associated and accounts in the All Messages folder. To focus on a channel or engagement type, click on one of the dedicated tabs for Messenger, Direct, etc. At the top of each tab, you can use Business Suite’s inbox management tools to sort, filter, and find China Phone Numbers relevant engagements. For example, you can click on the Unread bar to quickly find and review new engagements. If you’ve marked a comment or message to follow up, you can also use the “Follow Up” block to find engagement levels that are waiting for a reply. To help you organize engagement, Business Suite Inbox supports automatic and manual labeling.