The 6 key points to understand the future of marketing strategy

Marketing strategy creators are very clear that their campaigns have to respond to the needs of their customers. Today there is a big change after the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, inflation and the entire world situation. That is why clients need strategies to adapt to these factors. That is why WARC has published the global report “The future of strategy 2022” , based on a survey with opinions from more than 700 marketing professionals and it highlights “strategists provide crucial value to brands, but the scarcity of talent is worrying .

The 6 key points of a marketing strategy

The experience of a strategist industry email list right now is the most important key point given the big changes that are happening and their speed. According to the study. Therefore, strategists feel very optimistic about their ability. Tomas Gonsorcik, incoming chief strategy officer at DDB North America, comments: “We are going through a major realignment of societal priorities , and as a young leader, I am energized by the possibilities of creating a better model for brands and the economy. Therefore, in which they grow. “Strategists can shape the future of brands and companies.”

Diversity equity and inclusion

According to the report, today there China Phone Numbers is a clear lack of process at the industry level on issues such as diversity. Therefore, equity and inclusion . More tangible changes need to be created in recruiting and information gathering to serve customers more effectively. Huiwen Tow , Chief Strategy Officer – APAC, Virtue Worldwide. Therefore, says: “Customers know that it is socially unacceptable not to have DEI as part of their agenda… it does not necessarily mean that customers understand how to actually deliver on DEI.” WARC’s Anna Hamill added: “This year’s Future of Strategy reveals how strategists increased their influence with clients.
Therefore, provided valuable insights through the COVID-19 pandemic .

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