Myths and errors of SEO positioning according to 18 experts

Myths and errors of SEO positioning according to 18 experts. I bring you a compilation of myths and errors. Therefore, in which 18 SEO specialists have collaborated, some of whom are teachers in our SEO Course . They break false myths about search engine positioning and tell us. Therefore, the most common errors they usually find. It is an honor to have these SEO greats together in the same post. I hope they help you apply to your projects.

Optimizing your content will make it lose quality

Optimizing your content will make it lose quality. Currently, content that is well optimized to the new SEO rules also needs to be optimized to improve. Therefore, the experience of the user who will consume it. On the one hand, sacrificing quality in my content to enhance SEO will make it lose relevance to users… decreasing top people data other factors. Therefore, that also intervene in positioning such as CTR, permanence on page, bounce, etc. On the other hand, only worrying about quality.

Positions cannot be guaranteed

Positions cannot be guaranteed. They can be guaranteed and can be insured. Therefore, just as when you buy a refrigerator they guarantee. Therefore, that it works and will do so for 2 years. A guarantee of positions is China Phone Numbers only financial compensation for not obtaining them. What is certain is that they will hardly guarantee the expected income from positions at economic prices.

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