Make your podcast appear on the SERP with Audio SEO techniques

Before, the media was a niche phenomenon, but today Make your podcast the podcast is increasingly. Therefore, popular, whether in the traditional format, in audio or in the videocast model. According to research carried out by Statista called “Number of podcast listeners worldwide 2017-2016” , at the end of 2021, it was recorded. Therefore, that approximately 620 million people were listening to audio content around the globe .

What is audio Make your podcast SEO

According to predictions from the same study, it is. Therefore, expected that, by 2027, the number of people company data attentive to podcasts will increase considerably to reach the mark of 962 million listeners. This shows that the podcast is a very rich and enjoyable. Therefore, content format, which brands should explore mainly because it facilitates access to information.


Podcasts on the crest of the wave

Likewise, its ability to. Therefore, generate engagement and engage the audience, combined with the China Phone Numbers power of social networks, can generate many benefits for content producers. Furthermore , the media present characteristics very similar to the dynamics. Therefore, of radio that go beyond the issue of audio . The podcast can be present in the lives of many people, of all ages, in many everyday contexts and can be played anywhere.

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