It is necessary to consider the keywords

 It is necessary to consider the keywords and. Starting from these. Identify longer phrases us in conversations and. Therefore. In voice search. However. The way to do searches when typing is different: in this case you always try to abbreviate. 2- mobile optimization will affect search rankings.In 2019. Google implement mobile-first indexing : the search engine primarily looks at the mobile version of a website. Considering it the “Main” version compar to the desktop one. It is prict that by 2025. Nearly 73% of users will access the internet exclusively via mobile devices.

So what should you do to check the optimization

So what should you do to check the optimization of special data your site? Here are some preliminary indications: -check if and how responsive your site is with google’s free “Pagespe ​​insights ” test-analyze the “Mobile usability” report in google search consoleTo make sure your page is user-friendly. You ne to make sure google can crawl your urls.3- long form contents will help improve rankingsLong reads of 3.000+ words get triple the traffic and quadruple the shares. Not only that: they also receive 3.5 times more backlinks than average-length articles. 

But without forgetting quality

But without forgetting quality: for google to China Phone Numbers  reward you you must provide your users with useful. Shareable information that makes them feel involv. Divide the content into sections with h2 and h3 subtitles and insert links to authoritative sources. 4- more and more videos and images in the seo strategy Videos . Videos and more videos: they absolutely cannot be missing from your seo content strategy. The video channel itself must be optimiz with name. Description and keywords. 

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