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 What is your revenue generation strategy? How many online courses or ebooks do you need to sell per month to achieve this? And how many personal coaching clients do you have to have? How many speaking gigs or live training do you need to do every month? In addition, you need a “backup strategy” if the business model you plan does not bring enough money to the company. If you only get one client or only sell 15 online courses instead of 55, will the money be enough to cover all the bills? need to answer before you jump off the squirrel bike.

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I know a lot of people talk about following your passion. And it’s true. You must have passion for your own special data business idea and entrepreneurship. But in addition to that, you also need to be smart and think strategically. You can’t stop working and live the “life of your dreams” if the dream life includes hustling day after day and month after month. If you have to wonder every month where you’re going to get the money for food and loans, it’s not living the dream life. To live the life of your dreams and BEFORE you quit your job, you must have passion, the right strategy and enough turnover.The business blog grew to the same number of readers as the fashion and lifestyle blogs To get readers | 0 Comments | Tiia Konttinen This can also be shared… like HBO’s theme songs 79 SHARES Facebook 79 Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn same number of readers as the fashion and lifestyle blogs.

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Building a business and expert blog has been a relatively interesting project. The goal of the blog started in 2016 was to use the blog ONLY as a free marketing channel . At that point, I couldn’t even imagine what the future would bring. A small marketing channel has turned into a business blog, which reaches the same numbers as fashion and lifestyle blogs every month. How is it possible? Don’t companies just talk about themselves and their expertise? Don’t experts just write to their colleagues? Nobody was supposed to China Phone Numbers be interested in what was written in the company blog, right? An entrepreneur shouldn’t have time to write a blog… But it turned out differently.

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