If you want to engage your readers and impress google

If you want to engage your readers and impress google go deeper into. The topics you publh sh stattics graphs and images show your authority add value to people’s lives. Then they will stay. Authority content when you look for mical advice online. Where do you go to the blog of a specializ doctor or to the superficial article of an anonymous person authority and experience. Two aspects that google considers for ranking. A website from an expert on a topic will rank higher than a random site with no crentials. However th experte does not necessarily mean degrees and certifi studies in a subject.

Analysis and monitoring

If you an expert on a topic for example you have en a goat cheese manufacturer for more. Than years you clearly an expert on the topic. Readers will love reading your tips and google will reward you. So talk about what you know what you passionate mobile app development service about and the topics in which you an expert. Easy-to-use and well-present content rememr that online readers in a hurry and don’t want to encounter endless blocks of content so we recommend you opt for short paragraphs contents divid by subtitles as many as you can the tter! Large eye-pleasing fonts zero typos or grammar errors high quality.

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Images write for the user’s search intent cause rememr no matter how much experte authority and trustworthiness your content if you don’t optimize it for user search intent google won’t rank it. For example let’s imagine that you want to learn China Phone Numbers how to make your own goat cheese at home. You go to google and search goat cheese. Search goat cheese you find a lot of information about the nefits nutritional information and you click on a blog about goat cheese. It’s nice. It transports you to th century france the first time the moors invent goat cheese.

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