From the free book to the complete pack

Therefore, “Hey man, that’s enough for you! It’s okay that you automate and a robot is talking to me while you surf, but do it well or else you will see”… Isn’t that like that? Cannot be automated unidirectionally The problem in this case, as in most. From the is that there is a tendency to automate a flow of shipments : “mail 1, we wait, mail 2, we wait, mail 3…”. Sometimes, the more “pro” ones include some conditionals like “email 1, if you click, email 2…”. But that cannot be so. You cannot offer me a product that I have already purchased (fail remarketing) nor can you think that I am an abandoned cart when I have returned to your website after purchasing .

I got the Funnel Hackers 

I like cartoon books. You’ve convinced me! The confusion of the stuttering funnel So far so good. No? I was happier than a company data few castanets knowing that he had asked me for my package of books , all in English, to entertain myself and be a better “funelero” (the funnel is terrible). First email, a few minutes later, thanking you for the purchase, letting you know that you are in a funnel (thanks for the notice) and offering additional value: “while the book arrives, I will give you this video valued at…

 Cool! You open the video, you see it… okay. Not bad. Trin. Another email! This time telling me something like “hey Vic, I saw that you went shopping but you haven’t completed the order… do it or you’ll run out of books!” Confusion. How? For more than time I opened an email, I clicked on a link to see if I had really purchased it, I looked to see if the process was complete.

From the makes us angry

Do you remember that movie where the robots are super realistic but, at one point, the human-looking robot crashes and ends up having its head blown off? No? Me neither, I think I China Phone Numbers made it up. But the truth is that it illustrates what happens when the automatic, which wants to be human, fails. Because yes, automating and making Therefore, communication much more personalized as well as scalable is good, I’m not saying no. But hey, what happens when automation fails? Even though we know it’s artificial, we like it to be personal and work well. We accept that this communication is automated, it is fashionable.

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