Dentsu renews itself and commits to a new global management structure

Dentsu today announced that it will have a new global leadership team structure to drive its international business from fiscal 2023.  At the same time, it will enable dentsu to realize sustainable improvement in corporate value. The creation of a new global management structure follows dentsu’s announced intention to integrate Dentsu International and Dentsu Japan Network into a single organization from January 1 2023. The aim is to strengthen the voice of the customer in all discussions of strategy. A simplified structure will enable the business to foster agile decision-making. Strategic focus and clarity across the group. While driving operational excellence across all functions.

These are the key points of dentsu's restructuring

Formation of the Group Management Team. Management team to promote global management. Accelerate business transformation industry email list and improve management diversity. The purpose is to achieve business growth and sustainable improvement of corporate value. The Group Management Team will be headed by Chairman and CEO Hiroshi Igarashi and consists of 36 globally diverse Group Management. Including the 21-person Group Executive Management with executive responsibility. The team directly governs the four business regions worldwide. CEOs from the four business regions will come together to optimize the global business and align around a truly global management framework. Including the selection of the first non-Japanese global CFO and the hiring of a new CHRO with international experience from Google Japan.

The goal is to unite the unique strengths in the countries and regions in which denstu operates

Hiroshi Igarashi, president and CEO, said: “We have formed a global group management team to continue contributing to the growth China Phone Numbers of our clients’ businesses and the realization of a better society by strengthening our integrated growth solutions. To improve our corporate value. Under this team, we will harness the potential of our base of 65,000 employees worldwide. Bringing together their unique strengths in the countries and regions in which dentsu operates . «This will allow us to achieve overall business growth and improve profitability through synergies and greater efficiency. Through this renewal of our management structure. We will not only achieve the objectives of our medium-term management plan. Which concludes in fiscal year 2024. But we will also increase the certainty of long-term sustainable growth beyond that date. 

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