Small logistics companies will sometimes provide a complete solution as a way to market their services. An example is bulk shipping + free warehouse volume. While this may seem cost-effective, sometimes the consequence of a reduced price is “not so good” customer service.

In this case, we highly recommend that you choose a good customer service over a power pack solution. This is because shipping issues are rife in online sales. Therefore, you can easily lose loyal customers if you have a logistics partner who is unresponsive to concerns or unable to come up with resolutions to issues that arise.

So that you can accurately assess the best logistics company for your business needs, we created a compilation of the most credible logistics companies in the Philippines that are used by most eCommerce businesses.

Metrics To Determine Logistics Service Viability
In this compilation, we will use the following criteria in evaluating the pros and cons of each logistics company and identifying the competitive advantages of each.


Can customers monitor the delivery of the products they buy? Domestic International Shipping

You need to identify whether the logistics company caters for domestic or international deliveries or if they accommodate both Business-to-Customer (B2C) delivery

Logistics company’s ability to Latest Mailing Database service shipments from central marketplaces such as Shopee or Lazada

Customer-to-Customer (C2C) Delivery

Will logistics companies accept deliveries from C2C ​​operations?

Shipments to Southeast Asian Countries (SEA) If a logistics company does international shipping, can they service Southeast Asian countries? Delivery Outside SEA Will they also ship to countries outside SEA?

Freight forwarding service This relates to the ability of logistics companies to provide air/ship freight services Warehousing

Does the logistics company offer storage for your shipment

Latest Mailing Database

Apps on iOS

A logistics company application that your customers can access using iOS devices

Apps on the Google Store

A logistics company application that your customers can access using iOS devices

1. LBC Express
LBC Express is one of the market leaders in logistics and cargo services in the Philippines. The company operates in 30 countries. It has more than 6,400 agents, locations and partners.

LBC Express was founded in 1945 as China Phone Numbers a freight agent and air broker. It is considered as one of the pioneering logistics companies to serve cargo delivery and 24-hour door-to-door delivery in the Philippines.

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