Can we do something about it?

There are no serious business decisions behind their analysis. Clear! It would be missing more. There are several possible solutions or at least actions to take to try to minimize the problem: Move to Google Analytics 360 . Without a doubt it is the most convenient solution, because it is enough to insert the card and little else. But… ahem. It’s a paste. Control bias on our part. Another option is for us to accept the limitation and decide, on our own, what information we want to lose

Conclusion: what would you do?

Ains, what a dilemma, eh? Of course, I’m thinking that maybe when I reach those volumes… Nah, I’m never going to reach those volumes with this humble blog. Ha ha ha. But I already knew other cases and now I have clients at this point and I have understood what the dilemma is. And the answer starts from this question: What does data top industry data mean for your business? I know businesses that are doing very well but the use of this data is more superficial, mainly telling them that traffic is growing or decreasing. There are no serious business decisions behind their analysis. 

The answer to that question i

The justification for an investment of €120,000 per year or for implementing your own server. It’s about thinking about how important the data is and how much you are going to exploit it. In the case of my client, in case you were curious, my recommendation is more to explore the China Phone Numbers combined Matomo solution , with some paid plugins and a strong agreement with a provider that manages the server for us and guarantees that everything works well. . The investment, below €10,000 / year. The advantages…many… And now, at this point, after this post (no jokes, but I’m lazy)…

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